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Doctor Jobs - difficult and often thankless. Rare error of doctors like to tell more than a part of the history of treatment. Reporter portal Nur.kz decided to rectify this situation, and met with doctors from different medical centers Almaty. These are doctors who worked for many years for the benefit of the business, and patients remember their names and send them by word of mouth ...

Cherished strip
... Zhuldyz history similar to many others. Unfortunately, the situation is not uncommon when a woman can not become pregnant even after a few years spent in marriage. The reasons are different, but the tragedy of all is one - is not desirable baby, crumbling families, mothers suffer failed ....
The fate Zhuldyz miracle happened. Today, this beautiful 27-year-old woman with clear, shining eyes is 16 weeks pregnant. She remembers with horror as recently lived in constant stress and fear, like crying due to the arrival of the next menstruation.
Once in 24 years married to a great love, Zhuldyz twice failed to get pregnant, but, alas, both pregnancies ended in failure. Gynecologist, which I addressed the woman, not given to surveys, but only prescribed the treatment of inflammation and recommended not to rush things and better protected.
"Her friends tried to cheer up, talked about cases where women suffered from infertility for 10-15 years and then give birth to children. I have these stories just scared - I thought, how much has yet to pass the time before I get pregnant?
I did not want to listen to the doctor and to be protected, I would soon become a mother. The atmosphere in my family became painful. I did the test without waiting for the delay, and when a negative result stared in the hope that will be one more strip ", - says Zhuldyz.
As a result, when there was a long-awaited pregnancy, suspected that she ectopic, but the results of ultrasound could not determine exactly. Then something Zhuldyz advised to go to the doctor of medical sciences, professor Korkanu Anuar Ivanovich.

"I had hoped to the last that I have all the normal that ectopic is not confirmed, but alas. I made a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. In the morning I woke up after the operation with a heavy heart, because if I removed the tube, the chances of pregnancy become half. I walked into the office to Anuar Ivanovich and prepared for the worst. But, to my surprise, the doctor is very delicately and quietly explained that he had to remove a tube, but other healthy, is passable, that I have necessarily all will turn out that the one tube well woman pregnant more than once.
In the cavity of the uterus, I had adhesions, Anuar Ivanovich cut them, and said to me now nothing prevents. I left with the feeling that I was pregnant. After the surgery, I went to my doctor, she told me that adhesions may form again and now I need to be protected again. I like this idea haunted, I was constantly afraid that adhesions form again, "- says Zhuldyz.
After a while Zhuldyz again came to the professor in the  Medical Center "HAQ".  She again made the diagnostic hysteroscopy with endometrial biopsy, and applying it "cuts". Doctor Zhuldyz assured that no adhesions were not, should enjoy life and not to dwell on their illnesses - "all will be well."
"The first time I did not test delay before this time period does not come in time .... And when I did a test ... I saw it - a treasured strip! Now I wake up in the morning, go to work and it seems to me that the world around became lighter, brighter and cleaner. I know that there is still many months before delivery, and childbirth themselves morally very difficult stage, it's always a lot of excitement and tension, so I never get tired of repeating myself, "do not dwell, enjoy life, everything will be alright!"


Medical Center "CCA" is located at ul.Utegen Batyr 11A
Website:  http://www.hakmedical.kz/
Tel: +7 (727) 227-36-36

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